Breaks for you

If any danger is detected, your Fiat 500e will automatically brake to avoid or mitigate the collision with the vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist in front - up to 130km/h speed.

Active lane assistance ​

It helps you prevent involuntary crossing over the road lines, keeping you on track with an active action on the steering wheel and protecting yourself and others from dangers.

Cruise Control

Be more in control of the speed you want to travel at: just determine it and the Fiat 500e will maintain it during your journey. ​

Keyless Entry

Don't take your keys out of your pocket. With the proximity sensor, your 500e will recognize you as you are approaching or moving away from it, opening or closing it safely.


The twilight sensor detects the daylight level and automatically turns on the headlights when it starts to get dark. If it rains, the sensors automatically activate the windshield wipers.