Available in two version

From € 25.250

Available in two version

From € 25.250

Maximum load efficiency

Despite the compactness of the exterior, with only 190 cm from the ground, the volume available is incredibly large, with up to 6.1 m3 of load capacity and up to 1400 Kg payload.

Feels like driving your car

Driving a Scudo feels just like a car. The comfortable driving position and the compactness allow you to have a stress-free working day, even on longer journeys.

The flexibility that you need

Thanks to the new Magic Cargo functionality, the Fiat Professional Scudo offers a range of options that adapt the interior according to your needs. The new Scudo offers a generous volume space and remarkable loading solutions, to adapt to any situation.



The powerful Scudo  offers diesel engine with a 2.0L displaying 150 HP output and an 8-speed automatic transmission.


The internal combustion engine version of the new Scudo offers four engines at a high level of efficiency and performance.


Fuel System

Displacement (cc)

Cylinders / Valves

Bore (mm)

Stroke (mm)

Power (hp)

Torque (Nm)

Transmission options

Suspension, front

Suspension, rear

Brakes, front

Brakes, rear

Minimum turning radius (m)



2.0L BlueHDI

Diesel - High pressure turbo-charged direct injection


4 / 16



150 hp @ 4,000 rpm

370 Nm@ 2,000 rpm (TBC)

8-speed automatic

Reinforced Pseudo-Mac Pherson axle with anti-roll bar

Oblique wishbone trailing arms rear axle

Vented disc

Disc rotor


16" steel

215/65 R16


For over 40 years, we have been repaying our customer's trust with reliability, dedication and an offering of thousands of available versions. Your mission becomes our mission whether you are transporting goods, people or if you have specific requirements.


The Fiat Professional Scudo range includes different versions, specifications, and load solutions to meet your specific needs


D I M E N S I O N S & C A P A C I T I E S
E X T E R I O R (All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated) L3 Van L3 Combi
Wheelbase 3275
Overall length 5309
Body width, without mirrors / with mirrors 1,920 / 2,204
Overall height 1940
Front track width 1630
Rear track width 1618
Maximum width of side doors 935
Maximum height of rear doors 1241
Maximum width of rear doors 1,282 1,212
Maximum height of rear doors 1,220 1,181
Minimum ground clearance 150



The perfect version for those looking for the maximum balance between cabin spaciousness and load volumes.


Ideal for teamwork, this version offers generous space for all passengers. Up to 9 seats.


13 active and passive safety devices

The new Fiat Professional Scudo can count on an ecosystem of technologies to support the driver to make every journey as safe as possible.


Traffic signals recognitions

This safety device recognises road signs and reproduces them on the Fiat Professional Scudo's digital cluster display.

Lane Departure Warning

The New Scudo lane assist can detect road edges, even at higher speeds, and warns the driver with an audio and visual sign when the vehicle is passing the lane boundaries

Forward collision warning and AEB Control

A driving support system that allows you to detect people and vehicles on the road. Thanks to the front radar, the new Fiat Professional Scudo can recognise obstacles on the path and alert the driver with an audio and visual sign. With the support of the Active Emergency Brake Control system, the new Scudo automatically activates the emergency brake, allowing you to avoid collisions or mitigate the impact.

Rearview camera

The new Rearview Parking camera offers improved resolution on the 7'' radio screen, displays the dynamic grid that moves according to the steering wheel turns, helping the driver to efficiently complete parking manoeuvres.

Grip control

Move wherever your work takes you. The new Fiat Professional Scudo is equipped with the new Grip Control system which, by managing the ESP, allows you to choose between 5 driving modes: Asphalt, Snow, Sand, Mud, and ESP OFF.


Comfort in every trip

Versatile, generous, and agile, the new Fiat Professional Scudo is a commercial vehicle that offers all the essentials for any business trip. In addition, the different configurations of seats and steering wheel and the car-like driving position provide maximum comfort, even on long journeys


The new Scudo boasts a state-of-the-art system for loading bulky materials that further accentuates the distinctive versatility of this model. Thanks to the folding hatch under the passenger seat, it is possible to extend the loading area: up to 3.67 m in the standard version, and it can reach a maximum of 4.02 m in the Maxi version. Moreover, the front seat, adjustable in a few simple steps, can become a table for computer and tablet or a support for having lunch in maximum comfort.


What do you prefere for your team? Choose between a comfortable bench with a large and hidden storage compartment or individual seats to manage each space independently. Between the solutions that Scudo offer, you can choose the front passengers' seats that best suits the needs of your team. Scudo is synonymous with comfort and versatility for your work.


The steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth, while the seats can be adjusted to different height and angle combinations. This makes it easier to choose the best driving position, and, in just a few steps, it is possible to change the set-up when the driver switches.


Scudo 2.0

The new Fiat Professional Scudo boasts new connectivity and infotainment technologies that are essential to better face the modern challenges of your work

7" RADIO with NAV

The top of the range radio is equipped with a 7'' color touch display and integrated navigator that shows you petrol stations, parking lots, local weather, and allows an easy search for points of interest. The infotainment system includes the predisposition for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, the DAB tuner, and steering wheel controls


The infotainment system features a 7" color touchscreen display, a DAB car system, an MP3 player, and USB input. In addition, the predisposition for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ systems allows you to stay connected to your smartphone safely and without being distracted from driving.

Apple Car Play

CarPlay is the fastest and safest way to use your iPhone while working on your vehicle. Stream everything you need directly from your iPhone to the vehicle display. You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages and listen to music, keeping your attention to the driving. CarPlay also features Siri voice control and it also works with your vehicle's controls: knobs, buttons, touchpad or touchscreen. All the apps supported by CarPlay have been designed to be used easily and in an accessible way, so you don't need to take your eyes off the road.

Android Auto™

With Android Auto™, all your apps are shown on the radio screen interface, allowing you to access all you content and use Google Maps and Google Play Music safely and easily. You can access it quickly thanks to voice commands, buttons on the steering wheel or via the touch screen. Thanks to these features, the driver can always stay focused on the road. Google Play and Android Auto have registered trademarks of Google LLC.

Cluster with 4'' LCD display

The new Fiat Professional Scudo as an innovative digital cluster with 4" LCD display that contains the most important parameters relating to driving. The screen shows the driver the main information, such as speed and fuel consumption, but also the safety systems in function and speed limits. The digital cluster of the electric version on the other hand also contains information relating to the electric motor and battery like charge levels and fuel consumption predictions.

Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar®

Meet the specific needs of your business with Fiat Professional authentic accessories, designed exclusively for your new Scudo.

Dedicated seat cover

Protect your seats from fading due to repetitive use and exposure to light with the resistant Alix wrap and weft cloth covers.

Interior protection

Protect the load compartment during the journey with different types of solutions designed by Mopar®. Great for adding interior storage modules.

Front and rear parking assistance

Senses objects or walls in front or behind your vehicle. With audible beep for safe parking.