Maintenance of Thermic/Hybrid Vehicles

Nobody knows your vehicle better than Fiat

Maintenance of a combustion engine vehicle

Regular maintenance allows you to take care of your Fiat in the long term. Fiat authorized repairer provides all the expertise you need. Our Fiat technicians are fully trained to know everything about your car. In your Fiat service booklet you will plenty of useful information about your scheduled services. The manufacturer's warranty partially depends on their successful achievement.


Fiat FlexCare,
Suscribe to peace of mind

We offer an extended warranty and a wide range
of service your driving style. Protect yourself
from the unexpected, keep your car budget
in check by opting for fixed monthly payments,
tailor your plan to your needs, and benefit from
our expertise and original spare parts.


Online quote and online booking

Request an online quote to find out in advance how much the maintenance operations on your car will cost, with no surprise. Whether you need an oil change, a brake service, or an air conditioning check, you can calculate the estimated cost of the work, regardless of the model of your car. Whenever you want, use your smartphone or computer, you can also make an appointment at one of the approved workshops of your choice. Save time and take advantage of our exclusive promotions. Choose a time slot that best suits you - all with just a few clicks!