Electric driving and car maintenance

Electric driving comes with a host of advantages, from technology to sustainability, and even maintenance.

Driving an electric car

Discover all the benefits of driving an electric car. Check out all the videos and answer all your questions about electrical technology

Reasons to choose an electric car

Electric vehicles such as the new Topolino, the new 600 and the New 500 will allow you to enter restricted traffic zones, even where other cars are banned. Moreover, you can enjoy free parking in many cities.*

*according to local regulations

Electric Driving

Many things make electric vehicles so unique: their silence, their ease of driving and also their innovative technology. The new 600 and the New 500 have all this and much more. Watch the video and learn more about  the electric world.

Fully electric cars, zero CO2 emissions

To have an electric car meand, first of all, ZERO CO2 and other gasses emissions - and that’s a lot! With that in mind, you can drive the new Topolino, the new 600 and the New 500 enjoying every minute on board, with full pleasure and a very light heart.

Electric Car Incentives

Discover all of them: from National and Local Purchase Incentives to savings on parking or the free access to Traffic Limited Zones; there is much more you would be surprised to know about electric cars, like the new Topolino, the new 600 and the New 500.

Fiat GOe live

Discover all the advantages of an electric car with Fiat GOe LIVE app, tracking the driving behavior of any car and comparing it to the New Fiat 500. Estimate the cost of each trip and find out the total savings you could get with the New Fiat 500.

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