Range and charging

Everything you need to know

Here you'll be able to find out everything you need to know about recharging and autonomy of your electric car

What is the maximum range?

The maximum range varies based on the model. The new Fiat Topolino can reach up to 75 km in WMTC cycle, while the 600 electric has a range of up to 400 km in Combined WLTP cycle, that can increase to up to 600 km in Urban cycle. The New 500 electric can reach up to 320 km in Combined WLTP cycle, and can go even further in Urban cycle. Check the video to know more about its reach and other driving modes that can enhance your autonomy, such as the "Sherpa".

Braking is the new recharging

The regenerative braking technology uses the vehicle kinetic energy when you're not using the accelerator. By gently slowing down, the energy produced can be used straight away or stored in the battery. Such technology is available on the new Topolino, the new 600 and the new 500. Check the video to know more.

Range and it's variables

Speed factor

When driving at a constant speed on the highway, the range of a 100% electric vehicle is reduced compared to the WLTP cycle. In urban settings, the range can extended beyond the WLTP cycle.

Driving habits matter

 Smooth acceleration and appropriate brake usage reduce energy consumption, while single-pedal driving aids in regenerative braking, optimizing the range by 15% to 20%.

Cabin temperature and range

External climate, heating or air conditioning can vary the range by up to 40%, depending on the season and cabin temperature. To improve range, preheat the car during charging.

eSolution Charging

The solution for managing the charging of your electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, both at home and away:

  •  Charging Freedom: Manage both your home Wallbox and charging points on our network from your smartphone
  •  Charging History: Access all information about your charging sessions and payments
  • Charging Sessions: Take full remote control, starting or stopping the session according to your needs.

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The optional easyWallbox is specifically designed to create your personal charging station at home. Built with "Plug & Play" technology, it requires no installation by a technician. The easyWallbox features a dynamic energy management sensor (DPM) to prevent blackouts. If you increase your electrical system's power to 7.4 kW (with professional installation), the New 500 will recharge in under 4 hours*.

*For a battery charge state from 15% to 80%.


eProWallbox is the perfect solution for optimizing your charging. With a smartphone app and built-in RFID technology, it allows you to start your charging sessions quickly and easily. Additionally, eProWallbox can adjust your charging based on available energy. Its integrated Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor prevents unwanted blackouts. The charging power of the ePro Wallbox can reach 22 kW in 3-phase mode. The ePro requires professional installation.